Palindromic license plates!

On my trip back from DC this weekend, I saw my first palindromic license plate!


And after a quick Google, search, I found out that I am not alone loving these sorts of things. Which is perhaps not surprising given the odds of finding a palindrome on a standard-issue (seven digit) license plate.

What are the odds you ask? Comment on this post if you can sort out the solution.

I am a math and science teacher at a boarding school in Delaware.

Posted in Multivariable Calculus
2 comments on “Palindromic license plates!
  1. Alan Davis says:

    Hi Harvey, Alan from UK. I have such a plate ado4 oda, this is the legal spacing in the UK but a palindrome none the less. Hope you can find one in Delaware. Rgds Alan.

  2. Alan Davis says:

    It looks better on the car as ADO4 ODA.

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